Music is back at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven!

Due to the latest measures to fight the cornavirus outbreak the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is closed until further notice. Concerts have been cancelled or will be rescheduled, much to our regret. All ticketholders will be notified personally.

For now, you can only contact us on e-mail. Please send your message to: Due to the ongoing corona-situation we cannot be reached by telephone until further notice.

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Stay safe and look after yourself and your loved ones!

What do we ask from you?

  • You can only visit us with valid tickets and only when you and the people in your houshold do hot have any complaints in relation to Covid-19
  • Bags larger than A4 cannot be allowed in the building
  • Stay at 1.5 meter from others, do not shake hands and wash hands regularly
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow
  • Stay home when you have a cold or any symptoms thereof

Are live-concerts now being organised in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven?

Absolutely! And we're thrilled. We're offering a wide and new range of concerts and shows this season. Unfortunately, part of our original planning has been cancelled or rescheduled to a new date. Some concerts also have a new programme. Updates about this is communicated directly to our ticketholders via personal e-mail. All information is now also available in our agenda.

What to expect when you visit Muziekgebouw Eindhoven?

After you have puchased a ticket and before your vistit, you will receive an e-mail containing some extra information, so you'll know what to expect and what we at the Muziekgebouw will be expecting from you.

How can I purchase tickets?

Tickets are available online on the Muziekgebouw website. This means you can select e-tickets only. For some concerts the seat reservation option isn’t available, seats will be allocated to you by a staff member when you enter the hall. In cases where seat-reservation is still available, timeslots have been put in place. 
>>> More information about seat-reservation & timeslots

Will there be a healthcheck at the door?

To prevent congestion at the entrance, you will be receiving an e-mail containing a link to an online healthcheck a few days prior to the concert. If your answer to any one of the questions is 'yes' we'd like you to visit us some other time

What happens when I have health issues on the day of the concert?

When you have health issues on the day, you can trade in your ticket for a voucher up to 10 minutes before the concert to no additional cost. 

How do you guarantee the 1.5 meter distance?

- There will be floor-routing with one-way directions and extra entrances and exits
- Staff members will show you to your seats
- Activities will be taking place in time slots
- Admission is given to ticketholders only. Tickets are available on the website
- The 1.5 meter distance will be ensured within the capacity of the hall

Are facemasks mandatory?

No, you don’t need to wear a facemask when visiting the Muziekgebouw. 

Does Muziekgebouw provide facemasks?

No, if you’d prefer to wear a facemask we suggest you bring your own. 

How is the Muziekgebouw kept clean?

In addition to regular cleaning we will make sure all contact area’s will be cleaned thoroughly prior to your visit (door handles, stair railings, lift buttons etc). Arm rests will be cleaned throughout the hall with a disinfectant after each concert. 

Will the cloakroom be open?

No, the cloakroom will not be open. You can take your coat with you to your seat or hang it on the open rack in the foyer. Bags larger than A4 cannot be allowed in the building. 

Can I enjoy a drink before the concert?

Yes, the bar will be open prior to the concert - here too we will be adhering to the 1.5 meter guidelines. Drinks will be included in the ticket price most of the time, but in any other case payments must be PIN only.

Is there a smoking area?

No, the entire building is a no-smoking area.

Will the toilets be available for use?

Yes, but here too we must ask everyone to keep a 1.5 meter distance from everyone else. We provide disinfectant soap and paper towels for hand washing. Additionally, a disinfectant will be available to visitors for cleaning toilet seats as well. Toilets will be cleaned thoroughly after each concert. 

How many people are allowed in the venue?

We can admit as many people as is allowed by the current corona guidelines. This also depends on the capacity of each of the different venues we use.

What is the seating plan like?

We will make sure that visitors are seated at the apropriate distance from each other. A member of staff will show you to your seats on arrival.  Visitors sharing a household are allowed to sit near each other. 

Will there be an interval (intermission)?

No, there will not be an interval.

Can I leave the hall during a concert?

You can leave the hall during a concert, but please note that you cannot be allowed back in.

Can I give a standing ovation?

We must ask our visitors to remain seated during the final applause.

Can I stay for a drink afterwards?

For safety reasons we must ask you to leave the hall immediately after the concert, but our Grand Café/Restaurant Meneer Frits will be open and its staff will be more than pleased to see you!

We welcome any comments, ideas and tips about improvements from our visitors. So if you'd like to share anything related to your visit at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven please send us an e-mail at, we'd be pleased to hear from you.



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