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serie Storioni Serie Medium

Would you like to have the best seats available at one of these concerts?
Then purchase your tickets before the 1st of May (2017) for these concerts!

The Storioni Serie Medium Consists of:
- An Openingconcert
- Storioni’s Grande Parade
- Storioni Academy
- Storioni Afternoon Concert
- Storioni Night
- Storioni on Sunday

Openingsconcert Storioni Festival
Fri 19 Jan 2018 Openingsconcert Storioni Festival
20:15 hrs   |  Small hall   |  Chamber music   |  Read more
Storioni's Grande Parade
Sat 20 Jan 2018 Storioni's Grande Parade
19:30 hrs   |  All halls and foyers   |  Orchestra   |  Read more
Storioni Academy Concert
Sun 21 Jan 2018 Storioni Academy Concert
15:30 hrs   |  Small hall   |  Chamber music   |  Read more
Storioni Middagconcert
Thu 25 Jan 2018 Storioni Middagconcert
12:30 hrs   |  Small hall   |  Chamber music   |  Read more
Storioni Nacht
Sat 27 Jan 2018 Storioni Nacht
19:30 hrs   |  DLL main hall   |  Chamber music   |  Read more
Storioni op Zondag
Sun 28 Jan 2018 Storioni op Zondag
12:00 hrs   |  Small hall   |  Chamber music   |  Read more

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