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Gipsy Kings by Diego Baliardo

Traditional flamenco with modern influences
Fri 21 Jun ’24 20:15 uur
Fri 21 Jun ’24
20:15 uur

Experience the passion of flamenco with Gipsy Kings by Diego Baliardo in Eindhoven! Let yourself be carried away by the vibrant melodies of the iconic group, led by founding member Diego Baliardo, heir to the legendary Manitas de Plata. The Gipsy Kings are renowned for their blend of traditional flamenco styles with Western pop and Latin influences. In 1987, they made a breakthrough with their album "Gipsy Kings," which achieved gold and platinum status. Millions of people fell in love with their unique sound, showcased in popular songs like "Bamboléo," "Volare," and "Djobi Djoba." It promises to be a lively evening!

Diego Baliardo was the driving force in their collective decision to promote Gypsy culture worldwide. And they succeeded well! Over the past thirty years, they have dominated the World Music charts and sold over 14 million albums worldwide. Their platinum compilation, "The Best of the Gipsy Kings," remained in the charts for over a year after its release, and their ninth studio album, "Savor Flamenco," was awarded the Grammy for Best World Music Album in 2013. The evening promises to be filled with virtuosity and a touch of nostalgia.

Both seating and standing

This concert has both seating and standing places available. Please note that reservations for a specific seat cannot be made.