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Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is a 5-minute walk from Eindhoven Central Station (NS Station Eindhoven). The main entrance of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is located in the Heuvel shopping center, in the heart of Eindhoven. For more information on train arrival and departure times, please visit


From 'Eindhoven' station, you can take various regional or city bus lines towards the bus stops 'Witte Dame,' '18 Septemberplein,' or 'Keizersgracht.' For more information on the different bus lines, please refer to this link.


Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is easily accessible by bicycle as well. You can park your bike for free at the guarded, covered bicycle parking facilities Heuvel and the 18 September square, which are within walking distance of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. Please check the website of This Is Eindhoven for current opening hours.


You can park affordably via Muziekgebouw Eindhoven in all Q-park locations in the centre of Eindhoven. You will save up to €10.00 on a parking ticket. Assure yourself of a parking space and book here. Please note: Entry allowed from 6:00 PM onwards.

On Friday evenings (shopping night) and Sundays, the city center of Eindhoven tends to be crowded. We advise you to take this into account. Latecomers may not always be admitted to the venue.

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven regularly collaborates with external venues. Below you can read more about these locations and how to reach them.

DOMUSDELA (Paterskerk and De Kapel)

The Paterskerk and De Kapel of DOMUSDELA are located at Kanaalstraat 4. You can find the entrances to both locations on this map.

Parking is available across from the locations at Parking DLL or at the Q-Park Heuvel parking garage located next to Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.


The Effenaar is located at Dommelstraat 2, 5611 CK Eindhoven. The venue is easily accessible by public transportation. If you're coming by train or bus, upon arrival at Eindhoven Central Station, take the 'centrum' (city center) exit. Once outside, turn left, and after approximately 150 meters, you will see the Effenaar on the opposite side of the street.

If you're arriving by car, it is best to follow the signs for 'centrum' / 'station' from all directions until you reach Eindhoven Central Station. From there, you will see the Effenaar after approximately 150 meters on the opposite side of the street. Please note: when entering the address in your navigation system, do not enter Dommelstraat but instead enter Stationsweg to arrive at the correct side (parking area).

If you're coming by bicycle, there is a free bicycle parking facility right at the entrance of the Effenaar where you can securely park your bike.


In a vibrant city like Eindhoven, there is always something going on. This can have an impact on the accessibility of the city center. Please check the overview of events.

Additionally, every Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, the shops in the city center of Eindhoven are open.

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