Muziekgebouw Eindhoven voor iedereen

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven for everyone

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is committed to encouraging social cohesion and connection. Reaching every single inhabitant of Eindhoven, that’s the goal. Within that mission sustainability -  social as well as ecological sustainability - plays a prominent role.


Muziekgebouw Eindhoven recently launched a new development plan titled Connecting & Expanding. It is in this framework that a new appointment has been created to make sure that this mission is brought to live and ultimately gets delivered: Jessica Dassen has been appointed Project Manager Inclusion & Sustainability.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship is focused on economic performance (profit) with respect for the social side of things (people) and the ecological requirements an conditions (planet): the Triple-P approach. Because we, as a venue, reach an enormous amount of people, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is in a particularly suitable situation to convey this message.

Inclusion - social sustainability

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is collaborating with a range of organizations in working together on projects to engage the younger generation, people on a tight budget and inhabitants with a migration background. Groups - for whom it might be difficult to find their way to the Muziekgebouw without any guidance - are welcomed to come and enjoy the power of music. This way, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven becomes a warm and hospitable house - belonging to the city- a place where everyone can feel at home and be their natural selves. 

Jessica Dassen - Project Manager Inclusion & Sustainability


The first project - Drawing for Freedom - was a collaboration with War Child and several primary schools from the so called ‘krachtwijken’ (power neighbourhoods) in Eindhoven. Over 600 youths were engaged in an interactive music event in our Main hall. An example of how we’re developing a lasting relationship with Eindhoven’s younger generation.  

Future projects - involving  partners like ASML, Quiet040, refugee Team, Stichting Ik Wil, Liberation 040 and Cultuur Inclusief - are being lined up to be launched. Upcoming projects are:

Your World Your Music

In addition to reaching all Eindhoven’s different populations, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven would like to welcome and help connect people with different (cultural) backgrounds with each other.

Your World Your Music features a series of events which each focus on one particular community and their musical culture. This can be music of a particular ethnic community or of a community with a common interest. The music reflects their world and expresses their identity: Your World Your Music.

Every community assigns an ambassador who helps to mount the musical activities relevant to the community. With the ambassador as go between, the artistic directors and marketeers communicate with the community to find out what is needed and required. The ambassadors become the face of the marketing campaign and decide the type of music, the atmosphere inside the venue, food & drinks and the audience that gets invited and through which marketing channels. So once a year Muziekgebouw Eindhoven literally hands over the keys of the venue to the ambassador of the community, for one day the building is all theirs. This way, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is aiming at making 1,500 new friends annually, people who might otherwise not walk through the door so easily. 

The first community Muziekgebouw hands over the key to is Eindhoven’s Turkish community. On 24 September 2022 we organize Merhaba Eindhoven! with them in collaboration, featuring a bazaar and a children’s programme in the afternoon and shows by a choir, a classical ensemble as well as pop diva Sertab Erener.

It’s Your Beat

It’s Your Beat is an open call for the local music scene to boost the musical and creative talent of the Brainport region.

Youngsters in the age 12-18 from Eindhoven and it’s region are invited - in collaboration with secondary schools - to send in their own songs. Producers, singers and songwriters develop their productions with the help of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven team. Ten finalists present their lyrics and productions in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven’s Main hall. The winner’s prize consists of having his/her/their track put on vinyl, a video clip and €1,000. The goal is to give youngsters - who are finding it hard to independently find the way to a music school of venue. Family and friends are invited to come along for moral support. It’s Your Beat is a collaboration of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and ASML.

Music for Refugees

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven has started a firm collaboration with the Refugee Team of Eindhoven, an organization helping refugees with their integration and making sure they can take the lead in building their own future in The Netherlands. Refugees with a permit can start work at the Muziekgebouw as volunteers and which might develop further into a paid job if there’s a mutual click.

Music for Everyone

In 2020, the city councel stated:”Culture in particular has the power to connect and bring people together, regardless of their schooling, background or income. We see institutions increasingly using culture in their programming. Culture has the power to make people experience their city differently.” With ‘Music for Everyone’ we aim at reaching those people who can’t afford a concert ticket. We work together with local partners who specialize in reaching those groups:

Cultuur Inclusief (Culture Included)

Cultuur Inclusief strives to make art and culture accessible to all inhabitants of the Eindhoven region. They aim especially at art lovers who have to make do on a tight budget and can’t afford it. Cultuur Inclusief offers them vouchers for four performances  a year to spend on a performance of their choice. These vouchers are paid for by the visitors of cultural institutions who can choose to donate an extra sum towards Cultuur Inclusief on top of their tickets. 

Quiet Eindhoven

Quiet Eindhoven would like to play an active role in easing the effects of poverty though a sharing platform that doesn’t involve money. We believe we will have a stronger, healthier and richer society in Eindhoven when everyone counts, is equally important and acknowledged. We would like to contribute to our memebers’ lives, not just to their survival. 

Additionally, we are developing two projects aimed at students and care workers:


With the Spotticket programme we try to make it possible for the students of Eindhoven to enjoy what’s on at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. Because being a student often means a tight budget, we offer last-minute tickets for only €10 to anyone holding a student pass. This way we make Muziekgebouw Eindhoven accessible to future employees.


Care workers

The corona pandemic has had a devastating effect during the past few years on the Dutch medical system. To this day, care organizations are still struggling with massive arrears. We would like to offer some symbolic support to the care workers of Eindhoven by making free tickets available to them for a selection of concerts. Just so they can have a moment to recharge their batteries. For us it means we can contribute, be it in a modest way, to the regional care system.

Community Engagement

In 2021 61,5% of the Eindhoven population is Dutch. This means that 38,5% has a foreign background. To make sure that all communities feel at home at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, it is important to build lasting relationships with all of them. We not only like to programme for those different communitiies, but in particular in collaboration with them.

We continue to engage with our known connections and see opportunities to foster new friendships between other communities and the Muziekgebouw.
In 2022 we organized a fundraising concert for and by Afgans in collaboration with the Afghan community. This way the Dutch community had an opportunity to contribute to the relief of the situation in Afgahnistan. The event was such a success that talks about a structural follow up are currently under way.

Music from the Orient

Music from the Orient - a foundation based in Eindhoven - is an ensemble with a focus on the Middle-East which performs a wide variety of music. They have a divers following of about 200 Eindhoven inhabitants, taking the opportunity to join forces and combine their world-music repertoire with the greater cause of unity. Music from the orient is also acting as ambassador to join the Muziekgebouw in organizing the 2022 edition of Your World Your Music.

Ecological sustainability

With an average number of 160,000 visitors annually we have the repsonsibility to uencourage consciousness about sustainability with our audience. We aim at inspiring and challenging so as to contribute to a sustainable world.  We have been producing our festivals and concert in an increasingly sustainable way for years now and we would like to keep doing that while also broadening our initiatives>

Within the GreenStages2000 framework, we strive, in a collective of over 30 venues over several years, to increase the sustainabilty of our organizations. Starting from a so called zero-point we review our progress regarding packaging, recycling, water and energy use, seprating different kinds of waste, detergents and organic products. To measure this, we use the Environment Barometer, a tool provided by Mileu Centraal.

On top of this, we are part of the leading group in the Eindhoven Climate Deal in which we and the city council are committed to do what is necessary for a sustainable future. 

This way, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is a hospitable place for everyone as well as a safe place where reponsibility is taken for a sustainable way of using the resources available to humanity.