Community Engagement


In 2021 61,5% of the Eindhoven population is Dutch. This means that 38,5% has a foreign background. To make sure that all communities feel at home at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, it is important to build lasting relationships with all of them. We not only like to programme for those different communitiies, but in particular in collaboration with them.

We continue to engage with our known connections and see opportunities to foster new friendships between other communities and Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. In 2022 we organized a fundraising concert for and by Afghans in collaboration with the Afghan community. This way the Dutch community had an opportunity to contribute to the relief of the situation in Afgahnistan. The event was such a success that talks about a structural follow up are currently under way.

Music From The Orient 

Music from the Orient - a foundation based in Eindhoven - is an ensemble with a focus on the Middle-East offering a wide variety of music. They have a solid following of about 200 Eindhoven inhabitants, taking the opportunity to join forces and combine their world-music repertoire with the greater cause of unity. Music from the orient also acted as ambassador to join Muziekgebouw Eindhoven in organizing the 2022 of what turned out to be a very successful edition of Your World, Your Music.

Your World, Your Music

In addition to reaching all Eindhoven’s different populations, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven would like to welcome and help connect people with different (cultural) backgrounds with each other.

Your World, Your Music features a series of events which each focus on one particular community and their musical culture. This can be music of a particular ethnic community or of a community with a common interest. The music reflects their world and expresses their identity: Your World, Your Music.

Every community assigns an ambassador who helps to mount the musical activities relevant to the community. With the ambassador as go between, the artistic directors and marketeers communicate with the community to find out what is needed and required. The ambassadors become the face of the marketing campaign and decide the type of music, the atmosphere inside the venue, food & drinks and the audience that gets invited and through which marketing channels. So once a year Muziekgebouw Eindhoven literally hands over the keys of the venue to the ambassador of the community, for one day the building is all theirs. This way, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is aiming at making 1,500 new friends annually, people who might otherwise not walk through the door so easily. 

The first community Muziekgebouw hands over the key to is Eindhoven’s Turkish community. On 24 September 2022 we organized Merhaba Eindhoven! with them in collaboration, featuring a bazaar and a children’s programme in the afternoon and shows by a choir, a classical ensemble as well as pop diva Sertab Erener.

Music Around The World 

Inspired by Turkey's World Children's Day, we will celebrate music from all corners of the world during 'Music Around the World'. The day kicks off with a festive children's music parade through the city where everyone is welcome to join in! When returning to Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, you will find a festival-like party: a market, international snacks, a cosy market, a children's disco, an open stage and much more fun awaits you this day! Music Around the World' was created in cooperation with Turkish Professionals Network Eindhoven and Kindermuziekweek.