Our misson

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is a contemporary venue with a firm place in the international arena. A top-location with outstanding acoustics attracting world famous orchestras, soloists, bands and artists. This venue, situated in the heart of the vibrant city of Eindhoven, welcomes over 160,000 visitors annually.

Connecting through music. That is, in short, the mission Muziekgebouw Eindhoven stands for. This mission reflects our raison d’être. We facilitate encounters, and through that the connection between people, by inviting a diversty of musical styles and artists to our stage.

Connection is at the heart of our activities and it is our motivation to maintain new developments. But what does connection mean to us?

First of all: connecting people. In the changing world of today (close to home as well as far away) we see a need for initiatives that connect people and tbeir different cultures – connect rather than polarize or exclude. Music has a very large role in this. 

Secondly: all the connections in the massive world of music. We see a movement in which borders have become less defined and new connections between the different genres are becoming more and more natural. We also see how music is connecting to other cultural forms like poetry, video, urban art. These developments demand a new role from us as a venue, a new stage and new connections with the audience. 

Thirdly, we're looking past the arts. Thjis wider view gives us a task to connect music with other elements of human life: sports, gaming, leasure, contemplation, rituals, celebrations. We need to become more creative, more unconventional, and we need to cross boundaries.

By focusing on these three connecting powers of music our activities can have meaning to the lives of a great many people. This is what makes us tick.