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Filippo Gorini

Bach's The Art of Fugue
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Sun 24 Sep ’23 14:15 uur

Bach's The Art of Fuge

Sun 24 Sep ’23
14:15 uur

With Die Kunst der Fuge, Bach went deep. He explored all the possibilities of the fugue in the magnum opus of his instrumental legacy. In Filippo Gorini, we find an ideal interpreter for this masterpiece. This work is almost an obsession for him, with an award-winning CD recording, a documentary in the making and sonnets of his own writing that sing the praises of Die Kunst der Fuge.

This young Italian won the Telekom-Competition in Bonn in 2015 and the Borletti Buitoni Trust Award in 2020, with the Premio Abbiati added last year. With his light touch, crystal-clear sound and unerring feel for Bach's subtle interplay of lines, this Kunst der Fuge is one not to be missed. "There is no doubt that Filippo Gorini is one of today's great thinkers... He is both intellectual (nothing escapes him in this complex music) and at the same time speaks directly to the heart, and more so, to the soul" (Colin Clark, Classical Explorer 2021).

He speaks directly to the heart, and more so to the soul

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