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Splashing temperament
Sun 12 May ’24 14:15 uur

Jaume Santonja, conductor
Juan Manuel Cañizares, guitar

De Falla - Suite El Sombrero de très picos
Cañizares - Concert Al-Andalus (Dutch premiere)
Turina - Rhythms
Ravel - Boléro

Sun 12 May ’24
14:15 uur
  • Sun 12 May ’24
    14:15 uur
    Hertog Jan Hall

One percussionist, one small drum, supreme concentration. And then that hypnotic Spanish rhythm. Immediately a sigh of recognition passes through the hall. Yes, even before the flute starts that famous melody, you recognise Ravel's Bolero. One of the most beloved orchestral works of all time. Ravel wrote it as an experiment: one grand crescendo, increasingly rousing, culminating in an overwhelming symphonic burst of sound. 'Even the vegetable sellers in the street will whistle it,' the French composer predicted in 1928.

Someone who has Spanish flamenco in his blood is guitarist Cañizares. After his overwhelming success last season with the Concierto de Aranjuez, we now welcome him back with his own guitar concert Concierto Al-Andalus. An ode to his teacher, guitar legend Paco de Lucía.