The Storioni Trio in Beethoven's Triple Concerto
Storioni Festival
Sun 19 May ’24 14:15 uur

Emanuel Tjeknavorian, conductor
Storioni Trio

Beethoven - Triple Concerto                                   
Tchaikovsky - Symphony no. 4

Sun 19 May ’24
14:15 uur
  • Sun 19 May ’24
    14:15 uur
    Hertog Jan Hall

'Of course, my symphony has a story, but I cannot express it in words,' Tchaikovsky replied when asked about the content of his Fourth Symphony. Yet this passionate symphony has everything to do with his life. The impending doom in the opening fanfare, that string melody full of restlessness and longing, the returning light in the playful strumming of the scherzo. The year 1877 had great heights and deep valleys for the troubled composer. At this concert in collaboration with the Storioni Festival, the Storioni Trio itself cannot, of course, be missing. And what could be better than Beethoven's famous Triple Concerto. Three soloists and a symphony orchestra, that will be a feast of chamber music-like intimacy and symphonic brilliance.