Harry Sacksioni

50 years On Stage!
Sat 9 Mar ’24 20:15 uur
Sat 9 Mar ’24
20:15 uur

Guitar virtuoso Harry Sacksioni is celebrating his 50-year anniversary of performing with a new solo program, along with the release of his book of the same anecdotes. Since Harry has written hundreds of songs in the past 50 years, his setlist will be different for each performance! He can hardly believe it himself, but Harry Sacksioni has actually been on tour every year in the past fifty years, both in the Netherlands and abroad! An incredible achievement. Add to that the fact that he did it almost every year with newly written songs, and it's no surprise that this anniversary program is filled with highlights from his rich catalog. Because his inspiration to write new compositions never seems to stop, his latest work will also be part of this performance.

The title of this program - They can all say that... - refers to one of the many stories from his book, which has resulted from fifty years of traveling and performing. Beautiful, bizarre, special, and hilarious anecdotes, some of which will certainly be shared during this anniversary program!

Harry's technical ability to 'create a whole band from his guitar,' combined with his disarming and humorous storytelling style, make this anniversary performance an overwhelming and personal event. He more than lives up to what we have known about him for years: that he is an idiosyncratic and unique phenomenon in the Dutch music world. It is no wonder that he is an Edison winner, a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau, and was voted the Best Acoustic Guitarist in the Benelux for the 13th year in a row earlier this year!