Our Planet Live in Concert

A spectacular, musical ode to our planet
Tue 7 Nov ’23 20:00 uur
Tue 7 Nov ’23
20:00 uur

Step into the wonderful world of Our Planet Live in Concert! Enjoy a musical journey that takes you to the most remote and pristine places on Earth, introducing you to the most extraordinary animals and landscapes that our planet has to offer. Discover the breathtaking synergy between music and life on our planet. This is a unique experience that you must not miss.

The show is subtitled in English.

More than forty members of the North Pole Orchestra will take the stage to make the most captivating nature documentary Our Planet, created by Netflix in collaboration with WWF and winner of two Emmy Awards, even more immersive. While you enjoy the stunning visuals, the experience becomes even more intense with the live performance of composer Steven Prince's score.

And who better to accompany us on this journey than none other than David Attenborough? This legendary and inspiring narrator allows us to discover the stories behind the images and tells us all the facts about the beautiful animals and landscapes we will see. The interplay between the film footage, the live music, and Attenborough's voice is breathtaking and takes you on an emotional journey full of wonder and admiration for our planet. This is not just a night out; it is a unique and extraordinary journey across our planet like you've never experienced before!

North Pole Orchestra

The North Pole Orchestra has been in existence for over 10 years and consists entirely of professional musicians. They have performed with soloists such as Douwe-Bob, Waylon, Ellen ten Damme, and Bert Visscher. They have graced the main stage of Pinkpop and opened the North Sea Jazz Festival. They have performed the masterpieces of renowned composers like Hans Zimmer and John Williams to packed theaters with film concerts such as Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone™ in Concert, The Godfather Live in Concert, Gladiator Live in Concert, Home Alone in Concert, and Love Actually in Concert.