Lie down concert: Challem

Experience beautiful piano music while lying down
Sound & Silence
Sun 10 Dec ’23 19:15 uur
Sun 10 Dec ’23
19:15 uur
  • Sun 10 Dec ’23
    19:15 uur
    Paterskerk (DOMUSDELA)

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life? Leave the city's chaos behind and truly unwind? Or just enjoy an evening for yourself? Then, attend this Sound & Silence lying-down concert. This lying-down concert stimulates your senses - listening while reclining adds a different dimension to the concert experience. This full evening experience starts with a customized tea experience, followed by meditation and yoga exercises. Bring your own yoga mat, cushion, or blanket and relax while enjoying the music of Challem.

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Discover how beautiful piano sounds bring you to a state of tranquility in this video, recorded during the Sound & Silence lie down concert by Simeon Walker.

Lie down, go on a journey through Challem's thoughts, and enjoy his beautiful piano music. Challem's music resonates with many due to its honesty; it feels as though his music can be read like a diary. His emotions, voice, movements, and reactions are communicated through Challem's piano. In the fall of 2021, his thoughts were ready to be translated into music. In three months, Challem composed, arranged, and recorded 13 compositions. This marked the beginning of a search to find his inner voice.

In 2022, he started releasing his first works, with great success. He reached the top spot on the classical charts and quickly garnered over 13 million streams. Challem was a regular guest on NPO Radio 1 & NPO Klassiek. His latest release, 'Far & Well,' is a collection of four compositions that tell a story about his childhood on 'Swan Street' in the Netherlands. It was a safe and loving place where he learned to walk, talk, and play the piano. Raised by his two caring mothers and older brother, it remains a place he frequently returns to. These compositions serve as a tribute to his family and his past.

Challem is known not only for his beautiful music but also for his dedication to sustainability. As a testament to this commitment, he chooses to cycle to nearly all of his concerts, even when he's abroad! This unique mode of transportation exemplifies his efforts to reduce his ecological footprint and support a sustainable lifestyle. His concerts become not only a musical experience but also an inspiration for striving towards a sustainable future.