India Day

Celebrate Indian culture with us!
Sat 2 Dec ’23 13:00 uur - 22:00 uur
Sat 2 Dec ’23
13:00 uur - 22:00 uur
  • Sat 2 Dec ’23
    13:00 uur - 22:00 uur
    Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

During India Day, we celebrate Indian culture! Immerse yourself in the enchanting colors, flavors, and sounds of India. In the foyers and halls of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, enjoy live performances featuring (traditional) dance and music, savor delicious Indian food at the food plaza, and indulge in shopping at various stalls in the bazaar. Alternatively, participate in various workshops focusing on traditional arts and crafts such as yoga, martial arts, and painting. For children, there's a full afternoon program featuring percussion, Mad Science, henna art, coloring, and face painting.

India Day is a festival organized in collaboration with ambassadors from the Indian community in the Brainport Region. The festival program is curated in partnership with the team at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.


During India Day, we bring you enchanting sounds from India. In both the afternoon and evening, you'll enjoy performances by the best Indian artists:

Directly from Mumbai: Rajeev Raja Combine

India Day welcomes Indian artists from all over Europe, but The Rajeev Raja Combine is flying in directly from Mumbai! This band is one of India's most exciting indo-jazz fusion bands. Especially for India Day, they come to the Netherlands for a unique show! With flutist Rajeev Raja as the frontman, the band delivers a sound that truly delights your ears.

Athreya Fusion, Angel ArunA, and more!

Additionally, enjoy the fusion sounds of Athreya Fusion. This band, consisting of 18 Indian musicians from across Europe, blends Western music with authentic Indian music. Based in Switzerland, they will perform two sets specially crafted for this day.

Bollywood singer Angel ArunA, known for touching hearts with her voice, will perform in our Second Foyer. She is a well-known name in the Surinamese-Hindustani and Indian communities, having contributed to the soundtrack of "Zoop in India," a film successfully screened in theaters in 2006.

Get ready to dance with The Indian Dutch Ensemble, a band that brings a combination of old and new Bollywood disco tunes, making standing still no longer an option.

We conclude the day with DJ Balli Kalsi, who will make sure to keep the party going! The internationally award-winning Bollywood DJ will spin the best tunes from all over India!

Traditional dance

Especially for India Day, various dance schools in Eindhoven collaborate on a three-hour program featuring various dance styles from India. At 'Natya Nectar: A Celebration of Indian Dance,' enjoy traditional dance styles such as Odissi, Bharata Natyam, Kathak, Mohiniyattam, and Andhranatyam.

Shyama Warrier – Natanam / Academy of Dance and Arts
Kalabhavan by Keya
Poornima Nair – Shankara / Dance Academy
Sri Manjulika
Dance School Mohini
Kathak by Sonali

Fashion show

During the fusion fashion show 'Six Yards of Love,' the spotlight is on the sari. The sari, a traditional garment worn by Indian women, is draped in various ways, showcasing the immense diversity of Indian culture as a whole. From romantic to traditional, the V-Teach Fusion fashion show brings together tradition, innovation, and creativity with an ecstatic audiovisual experience.


If you're curious about traditional Indian arts, join the free workshops taking place throughout the day. Experience the martial art Kalaripayattu by Kalari Amsterdam, try your hand at Madhubani painting, relax during a yoga workshop with teacher Ankesh Singh, and learn more about the holistic health art of Ayurveda.

Children's programme:

India Day is for the whole family, and there's plenty for children to do all day. From a bouncy castle to challenging workshops, they can learn about the fascinating properties of light with Mad Science and engage in their own experiments. They can get fantastic face paintings or have a beautiful henna design created. All these activities are included in the children's ticket, which is only €5.


Throughout the day, explore the market stalls of Indian entrepreneurs at the lively bazaar. Your taste buds won't be disappointed on India Day as you sample the delicious cuisine from all regions of India and enjoy typical Indian Desi drinks.

View an overview of all food stalls

And more!

But wait, there's more! Learn about India's perspective on global harmony and a sustainable future in the lecture by Krish Gupta, Director of the Gandhi Center, Embassy of India. In 'The Regional Tunes of India,' presented by Hamara Music Group Eindhoven and powered by Spotlight/ASML, experience all the local Indian talents.


The price of a regular ticket, €12.50, is composed of a ticket price of €10 and €2.50 in service fees. The price of a child ticket is composed of a ticket price of €2.50 and €2.50 in service fees. Admission is free for children aged 0 to 2 years.


1:00 PM: Start of the bazaar, food, and children's activities
1:00 PM: Percussion workshop by Niti Ranjan Biswas
1:00 & 1:40 PM: Workshops Kalaripayattu by Kalari Amsterdam
2:00 PM: Lecture by Krish Gupta
2:30 PM: Fashion Show 'Six Yards Of Love'
2:30 PM: Lecture and demonstration of Madhubani painting
3:00 PM: Madhubani painting workshop
3:00 PM: Ayurveda workshop
4:00 PM: Percussion workshop by Niti Ranjan Biswas
4:00 PM: Mad Science show
4:00 PM: Natya Nectar: A Celebration of Indian Dance
5:00 PM: Athreya Fusion
5:00 PM: Hamara Music Group Eindhoven presents The Regional Tunes of India
5:30 & 6:10 PM: Workshops Kalaripayattu
7:00 PM: Rajeev Raja Combine
7:00 PM: Angel ArunA
7:00 PM: Yoga workshop
8:00 PM: Fashion Show 'Six Yards of Love'
9:00 PM: Athreya Fusion
9:00 PM: The Indian-Dutch Ensemble
10:00 PM: DJ Balli Kalsi
12:00 AM: End of India Day

View the timetable here

Your World, Your Music

India Day is part of Your World, Your Music, a concept that focuses on the music and culture of a specific community in Eindhoven. In collaboration with ambassadors of the respective community, the festival program is created. After Merhaba Eindhoven! - organized in collaboration with the Turkish community in 2022 - India Day is the second edition of Your World, Your Music.

India Day is made possible in collaboration with the Embassy of India and our ambassadors: