Willi Carlisle

Versatile and expressive folk artist
Americana Mondays
Mon 6 Nov ’23 20:15 uur
Mon 6 Nov ’23
20:15 uur
  • Mon 6 Nov ’23
    20:15 uur
    M by Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

Willi Carlisle is a folk singer-songwriter and poet who loves outsiders. He shares the same beliefs as his idol Utah Philips and believes that life revolves around helping each other and creating connections among all people. Carlisle initially became interested in the fusion of punk and folk. After moving to the Ozarks, he delved into the history of American music. His broad interest in various music styles is clearly evident in his lively performances. His repertoire includes a range of songs, from sardonic trucker ballads like 'Vanlife' to the heartrending queer waltz 'Life on the Fence'.

After his debut album "To Tell You the Truth" was well-received, "Peculiar, Missouri" follows in 2022. "Peculiar, Missouri" revolves not only around the belief that love can conquer all, but it's also a populist folk record that addresses subjects such as the struggles of LGBTQ+ individuals, water rights, and panic attacks. Through his words, Carlisle aims to demonstrate that it's time to break free from categorizing thinking, so that we can collectively reach great heights.

Support act: Jack Browning

Jack Browning is a musician from London, whose diverse inspirations from Europe and the United States shine through in his folk, blues, rock, and country music. He's a seasoned performer who toured with notable musicians like Jeff Beck, Joss Stone, and Gregory Porter. Jack's latest album, "Red Eye Radio," released in September 2023, delves into themes like life on the road, labor, mental health, and wanderlust, presenting a deeply personal exploration.

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Willi Carlisle is just the kind of artist that Americana music needs

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