Lunchtime concert

Gerbrich Meijer (Dutch Classical Talent)
Thu 9 Nov ’23 12:30 uur

Gerbrich Meijer, clarinet
Michel Xie, piano

Marie Samuelsson - Someone Is Learning How to Fly
Poulenc - Clarinet Sonata
Gijs van der Heijden - new work
Marie Elisabeth von Sachsen-Meiningen - Romance for Clarinet
Leonard Bernstein - Clarinet Sonata

Thu 9 Nov ’23
12:30 uur

A recital like a 'one-woman show'? Clarinetist Gerbrich Meijer dares to do so and plays with the conventions of the classical recital. Works by Bernstein, Poulenc, and Samuelsson, among others, illustrate her presentation about music and the composers' lives and well-being, with visuals and interaction with the audience. An altogether surprising concert.

The 'one-woman show' demonstrates that classical music is not a formal performance and that we have more similarities with music history and artists in the contemporary context than we might think. The traditional expectations of the recital are expanded. Influenced and inspired by various art forms, the performance may not necessarily unfold as the audience had imagined. Theater, visuals, and audience interaction make the 'One-woman show' an energetic hour full of the composers' life stories. Through works by Bernstein, Marie Samuelsson, and Francis Poulenc, the listener will not only observe but also participate and come closer to the musician and composer.

Lunchtime concerts

Lunchtime concerts are a delicious break in the middle of your day, and you can take this literally! An hour of lovely music in our Small Hall. From piano recitals to chamber music and wind instruments, we offer a varied and refreshing programme. Because we think it's important to offer a stage to budding talent, you'll find recently graduated musicians and competition winners performing for you.


After the concert

Of course, a lunchtime concert is not complete without a tasty lunch. Therefore, you will can enjoy a tasty homemade soup and delicious fresh bread in the City Foyer after the concert. You can order this directly with your ticket!