Popronde 2023

Subterranean Street Society
Fri 29 Sep ’23 22:00 uur
Fri 29 Sep ’23
22:00 uur
  • Fri 29 Sep ’23
    22:00 uur
    M by Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

Subterranean Street Society is a Danish-Dutch band that creates a blend of folk, alternative, and grunge music. Using instruments like a metal resonator, sharply resonating hollow bass guitars, vintage cassette tape noise, and dark drums, you can hear a rugged voice telling poetic stories about tragic heroes, romantic love, and wandering souls. This vulnerable storytelling with a touch of wildness is inspired by a life of traveling between venues, festivals, and performing on the streets of Europe. In their live performances, the band is rough, explosive, and unpredictable.


Popronde is a freely accessible traveling festival that provides a stage for promising musical talent from the Netherlands. Many of the acts are still unknown, but later go on to become nationally recognized. Dutch artists like Kensington, Blaudzun, De Staat, Mister & Mississippi, Chef’ Special, and Go Back To The Zoo have all toured with Popronde before achieving their major breakthroughs.