Cardinal Black

BRIDGE Festival presents
i.c.w. Effenaar
Tue 12 Dec ’23 20:15 uur
Tue 12 Dec ’23
20:15 uur

The alternative rockers of Cardinal Black are coming to Eindhoven on December 12th. In May, the band from Wales had to cancel their performance at the BRIDGE Eindhoven Guitar Festival due to the large fire in the city center, but now they are returning for an intimate show in the Small Hall of Effenaar – featuring their debut album! On 'January Came Close,' rock and soulful blues come together in a unique passion project. And with tracks like 'Tell Me How It Feels,' 'Terra Firma,' and 'Rise Up,' lead singer Tom Hollister and guitarist Chris Buck emerge as global artists.

The story of Cardinal Black begins in 2010: Hollister, Buck, and drummer Adam Roberts found themselves in a musical whirlwind. They were praised by some of the biggest names in British rock, such as Steve Winwood, who invited the band to his secretive Wincraft Studios. This was followed by a call from Alan Niven – the manager of Guns N' Roses – who had significant plans for the band in the American scene in Nashville. Due to circumstances, the band lost momentum, but now they're back. And better than ever before!