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Alexandra Stréliski

French-Canadian neoclassical pianist
Sound & Silence
Thu 7 Mar ’24 20:15 uur
Thu 7 Mar ’24
20:15 uur

Alexandra Stréliski is a trailblazing woman in the modern classical world. Her minimalist, emotionally striking piano music has enthralled listeners the world over and has garnered no end of critical acclaim and commercial success. Alexandra Stréliski grew to be one of the top Classical artists in the current music scene, sharing her unique classical sound.

Romance, nostalgia, nature, and spontaneity: these are all major themes that inspire Stréliski, and you can clearly hear them on her album, which she will be performing during this show. She guides you to moments of tranquility, dreams, and imagination. Perhaps you've heard her work in the films Dallas Buyers Club and Demolition, or noticed it in the series Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects. But even beyond that, Stréliski has built a successful career!

Her latest release is the album "Néo-Romance," which was released five years ago. However, in early 2023, two new tracks were added to it. The album draws inspiration from the classics of Bach and Chopin, as well as Elton John, seamlessly blending pop music into her classical compositions. Her debut album, "Pianoscope," achieved Gold status in Canada and was featured in Dallas Buyers Club, Demolition, and at the Oscars. The follow-up, "INSCAPE," was also a stunning success, reaching platinum status in Canada and winning multiple awards, including Instrumental Album of the Year at the 2023 JUNO Awards, recognizing her global streaming success. Alexandra is now a household name in Canada's vibrant music scene and is spreading her acclaimed sounds worldwide.

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