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Floor Jansen

Singer of metal band Nightwish
BRIDGE Guitar Festival
Sat 1 Jun ’24 20:00 uur
Sat 1 Jun ’24
20:00 uur

Building bridges with a powerhouse voice. That's what Floor Jansen can do like no other. She effortlessly blends symphonic music, rock, pop, and metal, creating a unique musical infrastructure. Her impressive voice particularly shines when harmonizing with powerful guitars. She has demonstrated this talent in bands such as After Forever, Revamp, Nightwish, and now as a solo artist. During BRIDGE 2024, Floor will perform a solo concert where you can enjoy this exceptional combination.

Floor has earned her stripes among music lovers through her contributions to the aforementioned bands and a notable performance on the TV show "Beste Zangers," where her rendition of "Phantom of the Opera" with baritone Henk Poort made a big impression on all listeners.

With her debut solo album, "Paragon," released in March 2023, Floor showcased a varied, vulnerable, intimate, and powerful side of herself. As a songwriter, she has undergone significant development in collaboration with producers and songwriters Gordon Groothedde and Wouter Hardy. Through these songs, she has expanded her already broad musical palette and confidently entered the club circuit. However, bigger opportunities are now on the horizon. During BRIDGE, Floor delivers a grand performance with her name in the spotlight, accompanied, of course, by a top band.

BRIDGE Guitar Festival

BRIDGE Guitar Festival is returning to the Brainport region. From Wednesday, May 29th to Sunday, June 2nd, 2024, the festival will focus on guitars, guitar music, and musicians who connect people from around the world through this special and beloved string instrument. BRIDGE is a multi-day guitar festival, unique in its kind: from classical to blues, from jazz to rock, from flamenco to pop, everything is covered.