Acoustic and electronic music blend together
Wed 3 Apr ’24 20:15 uur
Wed 3 Apr ’24
20:15 uur

Discover the innovative world of Binkbeats, also known as Frank Wienk, where acoustic and electronic music converge. For his latest project, he collaborated with the versatile artist Henk Schut. Electro-acoustic objects, ritual percussion, and influences from modern dance music come together in a captivating concert. Wienk drew inspiration from ritual instruments and techno sounds, ranging from drums with animal skins, timbila, simantra, and a lithophone, to drum machine kick drums and deep basses. 

Driven by a curiosity for sound, Wienk experimented with transforming a synthetic source into analog, acoustic sounds. In this quest, he found Henk Schut, with whom he shared a fascination for making physical objects vibrate through electronic signals. Wienk's musicality and Schut's expertise complemented each other, and together, they designed a new installation that inspired Wienk to create the spatial sound ritual known as 'OHM.'

Binkbeats gained fame in 2013 with his Beats Unraveled series on YouTube, where he performed intricate live looping shows with over 50 instruments. Instead of doing nothing, he took on the challenge to create something entirely new for OHM. He composed complex rhythmic pieces that he plays entirely live, without loops. Traditional ritual drums are blended with drum machine sounds, while large resonant metal plates are positioned around the audience. A quadraphonic speaker setup immerses you in sound, ranging from subtle, refined passages to deafening chaos.

Seats on the stage

Looking for a unique concert experience? You'll find it at the Binkbeats concert! Secure tickets for one of the 90 seats on the stage and guarantee yourself the most extraordinary spot in the venue. Once in a lifetime!

Please note: there are 40 chairs and 50 cushions available. The seating on the stage is general admission, and you can choose your spot freely. It is not possible to reserve a specific chair or cushion.