Fabrizio Paterlini

For fans of Nils Frahm, Joep Beving, and Hauschka
Sound & Silence
Tue 4 Jun ’24 20:15 uur
Tue 4 Jun ’24
20:15 uur

The music of Italian composer and pianist Fabrizio Paterlini can be categorized into various genres, including neoclassical, ambient, new age, and minimal. However, what might be more fitting are the adjectives commonly used to describe his music: airy, sensitive, emotional, dreamy, delicate, and passionate. Paterlini himself characterizes his music as "a glass of red wine on a summer evening," emphasizing the calming effect it has on listeners. In October 2023, he released his new album 'Riverscape,' inspired by the flows, rhythms, and stories carried by water. Critics describe the work as emotional, ethereal, and notably passionate.

Together with his family, Fabrizio still resides in his hometown of Mantua, Italy. The inspiration he draws from this environment is clearly audible in his music. With these beautiful compositions, he has amassed over 300 million streams on Spotify. Paterlini is now one of the most successful European artists within the neoclassical and minimal genres.