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BRIDGE Guitar Festival
Sat 1 Jun ’24 11:00 uur
Sat 1 Jun ’24
11:00 uur
  • Sat 1 Jun ’24
    11:00 uur
    Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

Music lovers and especially guitar enthusiasts will be in for a treat at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven on Saturday afternoon, June 1st. The BRIDGE Guitar Convention combines a guitar fair, a workshop day, and an exciting opportunity to connect with fellow guitarists all in one. Within every square meter of our venue, you'll discover guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects, and other cool gadgets at the booths of over 70 brands. There's a big chance you'll be completely captivated by the array of beautiful instruments on display, so be sure to pay close attention to avoid missing the workshop by your favorite guitarist! During this afternoon at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, there will be dozens of workshops, masterclasses, concerts, and panels where you can gain valuable insights.

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The BRIDGE Guitar Convention workshops cover a wide range of styles, including jazz, metal, blues, pop, and rock. They are educational and interesting for all skill levels, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional. The guitar fair showcases electric guitars, basses, and acoustic guitars. Brand product experts are ready to assist you, expecting you to bombard them with questions. So, make sure to take full advantage of this opportunity! For those looking to upgrade their pedalboard, BRIDGE Guitar Convention is a true paradise.


The workshops cover all styles, from jazz to metal, via blues to pop/rock, and are aimed at both beginners and advanced students. The first workshop we can confirm is that of the insanely virtuoso British guitarist Jon Gomm, one of the world's most innovative fingerstyle guitarists. In addition to workshops, there are also group loans on that day from various themes that you as a visitor can participate in. We will soon announce more names of the workshop program and open registration for the group lessons. The workshops will start at 11:00 AM.

Guitar fair

At the guitar fair you will find electric guitars and basses as well as acoustic guitars. Of course there are amps from all kinds of brands. And all kinds of accessories such as capos, pickguards, maintenance products for your guitar and cool Bluetooth speakers. You will receive advice from the product experts in the stands. You can try everything. And if you want to upgrade your pedalboard, you will feel like you are in a real lazy country. The fair will start at 11:30 AM.

These are the brands that have been confirmed so far. More to come!

Aristides / Bacci / Beetronics / Blackstar / Cordoba / Cort / Crafter / Crazy Tube Circuits / Curt Mangan Strings / Darkglass / Dejawu / Digitech / Dingwall / DMI / Dogal / DSM & / Humboldt / Duesenberg / Eko / Fender Audio / Ferrini Straps / FGN / Fortin / G7th / Guild / GuitarKing Fuzz / Hagstrom / Harmony / Henriks Pickguards / Hercules / Heritage / Ibanez / IK Multimedia / J. Rockett / Janssen Gitaarbouw / Kala / Korg / Lâg / Laney / Legator / Monster Cable / Neural DSP / Ortega / Peavey / Pedaltrain / Radial / Revv / RH Guitars / Sandberg / Schecter / Schwung Guitars / Souldier / Spector / Stagg / Stefy Line / Strymon / Suhr / Tokai / Tyrone / Ultimusician / Universal Audio / Van Laeck Amps / Vintage / Vox / Walden / Walrus Audio / Warm Audio

Boutique guitars

At the Convention fair you can view and try out a large number of boutique guitars. From builders such as Dejawu, Janssen, Schwung and RH Guitars. In addition to the well-known regular guitar brands of course!


Guitarists' pedalboards continue to expand. At the guitar fair you can try out a large number of effects. From Beetronics, Crazy Tube Circuits, Digitech, GuitarKing Fuzz, IK Multimedia, Strymon, Universal Audio, Walrus Audio and Warm Audio, among others.


In addition to guitars, there are also many basses on the stands this year, including Spector, Ibanez, Duesenberg, Bacci, Tokai, Lag, Kala and Sandberg.

Presentation of Guitarist Poll Awards

Every year, Gitarist presents the Guitarist Poll Awards in 20 categories, the result of thousands of votes completed on the poll form by Guitarist readers, votes for the guitarists who have distinguished themselves in the past year and votes for the product launches that our readers think best. most innovative or special in the past year. The Guitarist Poll Awards will be presented during the Guitar Convention.


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