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Hans Goedkoop & Olivier Patey

War and peace
Wed 6 Nov ’24 20:15 uur

Hans Goedkoop - speaker
Olivier Patey - clarinet
Julie Moulin - flute
Diet Tilanus - violin
Jeroen Bal - piano

Wed 6 Nov ’24
20:15 uur
  • Wed 6 Nov ’24
    20:15 uur
    Small Hall
  • A drink is included in the price

"I hadn't anticipated shaking so much on my legs," historian and television producer Hans Goedkoop shared in an interview with Volkskrant. After nearly eighty years of peace, we in Europe feel the war creeping closer. But do we actually still know what war means? History tells stories about it. Hans Goedkoop, known as the presenter of the TV series Andere Tijden, has his own story to tell.

Hans Goedkoop increasingly felt that, to be of value as a historian, he had to dive into the story. "I had to get very close to it to be able to think: it really happened. To make it real for myself." He followed in the footsteps of his grandfather's colonial war. Visited places, spoke to eyewitnesses. Towards the end of his journey, Hans Goedkoop lost the words to express his astonishment. He now understands why those who have been deepest in war can say the least about it. Tonight, Hans Goedkoop will speak up to the point where words still convey meaning; beyond that, music takes over. These four top musicians know each other from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. They let the music speak in works by Ravel, Berg, and Stravinsky, created during the time of World War I.


Berg - 4 Stücke, Op. 5
Stravinsky - l'Histoire du Soldat (suite)
Rameau - Le tombeau de Couperin