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Contemporary stories, timeless music
Classical with a twist
Fri 31 Jan ’25 19:30 uur

Ellen ten Damme - actress
Soumaya Ahouaoui - actress
Lars Brinkman - actor
Lucas de Man - presenter
Piano Duo Scholtes & Janssens
ADAM Quartet
Berlage Saxophone Quartet

Fri 31 Jan ’25
19:30 uur
  • Fri 31 Jan ’25
    19:30 uur
    Small Hall
  • A drink is included in the price

What does Ravel have to do with DNA modification? What does Saint-Saëns have to do with animal rights? What initially seems incompatible turns out to be connected upon closer inspection. Spraakmakers is a traveling concert series that combines classical music with contemporary stories. Spraakmakers links the voices of renowned actors Ellen ten Damme, Soumaya Ahouaoui, and Lars Brinkman with the music of top Dutch ensembles. Together, they weave provocative stories about today's world and corresponding classical music pieces into one new narrative. Simultaneously narrated and performed, like a theatrical musical story. Flemish theater maker Lucas De Man is the flamboyant host, leading the audience through an evening full of surprises. Spraakmakers is for anyone seeking the story and meaning within classical music.

Spraakmakers combines thought-provoking or entertaining stories about contemporary themes - think animal rights, the Catholic Church, and designer babies - with classical music pieces that are equally relevant. Top Dutch actors add their voices as an additional storyline to the music, connecting the work with the present. The story enriches the music and the music enriches the story. This way, Spraakmakers makes music from long ago sound relevant again in today's world.


Saint-Saëns - The Carnival of the Animals
Ravel - String Quartet
Arvo Pärt - Fratres