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Elgar's Enigma variations
Sun 30 Mar ’25 14:15 uur

Duncan Ward - chief conductor
Veronika Eberle - violin

Schubert - Symphony No. 8 ‘'Unfinished'’
Berg - Violin Concerto
Elgar - Enigma Variations

Sun 30 Mar ’25
14:15 uur
  • Sun 30 Mar ’25
    14:15 uur
    Hertog Jan Hall
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"My violin is an ancient living soul full of stories. I had to earn her trust, but after three months, she completely opened up to me. Since then, she lets me tell all the stories I want," Veronica Eberle shares about her beautiful Stradivarius, 'the Dragonetti' from 1700. During this concert, the young German violin soloist, through one of the masterpieces of the twentieth century, tells the story of the death of a young girl. 

Alban Berg's Violin Concerto 'In Memory of an Angel' embodies a poignant tale of youth, suffering, and surrender. Chief conductor Duncan Ward shares more musical stories in Schubert's beloved Unfinished Symphony and in the enigmatic orchestral music of his compatriot Edward Elgar. In the Enigma Variations, Elgar ingeniously portrayed his dearest friends, symphonic sounds that continue to deeply move listeners.