HAEVN had everyone dreaming in their seats

Thu 2 Jun ’22

On Wednesday June 1st HAEVN played in our Main Hall. The background influences of Marijn van der Meer (singer-songwriter) and Jorrit Kleijnen (film music composer) created an evening where we were immersed in a beautiful musical world. A world where pop and film music find their ultimate fusion.  
After the success of their debut album 'Eyes Closed' HAEVN didn't sit still. The EP 'Symphonic Tales' followed, which was recorded with a large string orchestra. The time for new music had arrived with the Unfold Tour: the next step towards the second album.  
We were enchanted by the filmic pop music and Marijn's comforting voice was heartwarming. In short: an evening where the audience dreamt away.
Missed the concert? Or do you want to dream away again? Take a look at the photos, made by Maartje Jansen.