Ecological Sustainability

With an average annual attendance of 160,000 people, we realise that it is us who can create awareness of sustainability among our audience. We want to inspire and challenge them to contribute to a more sustainable world. We have been producing our festivals and concerts more and more sustainably for years now. We 'd like to continue to do so as well as expand our initiatives.

Within the covenant GreenStages2020, we work together with about 30 venues and theatres on a long-term and collective basis to make our organisation more sustainable. Special measurements an methods are used to monitor whether and how we make progress in areas such as packaging, recycling, water and energy consumption, waste separation, cleaning products and the use of organic products. 

To monitor this, we use the Environmental Barometer, a tool from Milieu Centraal.

We also participate in the front-runners group of the 'Eindhoven Climate Deal', in which we commit ourselves together with the Municipality of Eindhoven to take an extra step towards a sustainable future.

This way, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is not only a hospitable place for everyone, but also a safe place where the resources available to mankind are used responsibly and sustainably.