MEAU raakt gevoelige snaar bij intiem optreden


‘Dat Heb Jij Gedaan’ verspreidde zich op epidemische wijze binnen de Nederlandse harten en hitlijsten. De puurheid van haar stem in combinatie met de oprechte, Nederlandstalige teksten zorgen voor intieme, haast betoverende songs en een dito show. Wij waren er deze prachtige avond bij om verslag te doen!  

'Dat Heb Jij Gedaan' spread epidemically within Dutch hearts and charts. The purity of her voice combined with the sincere, Dutch-language lyrics make for intimate, almost enchanting songs and a ditto show. We were there to report on this wonderful evening!  

With singer-songwriter Danique as supporting act, the room was well prepared for the main act. Her repertoire, like MEAU's, consists of vulnerable, Dutch-language songs and was thus well in line with MEAU.  
MEAU is a storyteller at heart. You notice that in her songs, but certainly also when she is on stage. For example, she told us that she wrote many songs from her new album when she was traveling alone and drew a lot of inspiration from the moments when she was completely on her own. And these songs, of course, she performed beautifully. She proved this evening that she is musically well versed: her singing and guitar playing work beautifully together. And as icing on the cake she also plays a fine example of harmonica during 'Dans m'n Ogen Dicht', the song she released together with Racoon.  

At 00:00 the new single 'Als Thuis' was released, and of course we got a beautiful taste of it. Armed with her acoustic guitar and captivating voice, she shows her sensitive side and the song -literally- touches a sensitive chord. The strength, as with many of her songs, lies in the sheer simplicity and tranquility these songs bring. 'The girl found the peace and the girl found the pearl,' she thus sings in this brand new gem of a single.  
This evening, we were once again eyewitnesses to the fact that music connects: beyond the diversity in age (MEAU brings together fans from young to old), the audience sang along with great enthusiasm and at the top of their voices. A warm feeling of togetherness came over us and we went home musically satisfied. It was a beautiful evening!  
Missed the concert, or want to reminisce? Check out the pictures below taken by Maartje Jansen.