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Bach's Brandenburg Concertos

by The Netherlands Bach Society
International baroque orchestras
Thu 5 Oct ’23 20:15 uur


Brandenburg concertos nos. 1 to 4  
Oboe concerto BWV1059r

Thu 5 Oct ’23
20:15 uur
  • Thu 5 Oct ’23
    20:15 uur
    Main Hall
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100 years! In 2021, the Nederlandse Bachvereniging celebrated gloriously that they have been focusing on the music of Bach for a century. And how: their performance of the St. Matthew Passion in Naarden's Grote Kerk has become a national event. 100 years of interpreting the soul of Bach's music, its layeredness, its eloquence, its multicolor. And there seems to be no end in sight: about ten years ago they started the All of Bach project and it is still not concluded. It fits well with the motto of the Nederlandse Bachvereniging: All of Bach for everyone. In which those more than 1,000 compositions by the great Thomas Cantor will give you some work to do...

Among Bach's best-known instrumental music are the Brandenburg Concertos. You will hear four of the six, played on period instruments. Bach dedicated them in 1721 to one Prince Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg, who was not the most considerate: he never had them performed at his court and did not even thank Bach for them. After all, Bach didn't have as much of a name in life as he does today. And so they were only rediscovered much later. Nice find! The Oboe Concerto BWV1059r also exists in versions for harpsichord and flute. So versatile and universal is this music that it always leads to a small miracle.