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Are you a lover of classical music? Then Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is the right place for you. Both the Main Hall and the Small Hall have internationally renowned acoustics, which is why many famous musicians and orchestras like to perform in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and choose these halls in particular for their cd  recordings. Classical broadcasters also like to travel to Eindhoven to make live recordings.


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  • Philzuid

    At the Movies: Flying Heroes
    Sun 30 Jun ’24

    'Did you ever make anything happen? Anything you couldn't explain? You're a wizard, Harry...' Those who hear these words immediately envision images from the fantastic Harry Potter films. A snow-white little owl flitting silently through the night sky, a dizzying flight on a broomstick... But it's only when you also hear that famous melody by John Williams that you suddenly find yourself in the enchanted world of Hogwarts. Those soft tinkling bells, that swelling string orchestra, that mysterious atmosphere.

  • Philzuid

    Fri 30 Aug ’24

    Shall we dive deep together? Philzuid opens this season in a very special way. Have you ever secretly dreamed of sitting among the musicians on stage during a concert? And experiencing the most beautiful symphonic music from the inside out? You can at these Philsurround concerts.

  • Philzuid

    Fri 30 Aug ’24

    Shall we dive deep together? Philzuid opens this season in a very special way. Have you ever secretly dreamed of sitting among the musicians on stage during a concert? And experiencing the most beautiful symphonic music from the inside out? You can at these Philsurround concerts.

  • Philzuid

    Celebrate freedom with Beethoven 9
    Fri 13 Sep ’24

    "All men become brothers," sings the choir in the exuberant finale of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. In this magnificent masterpiece, Ludwig van Beethoven outlined his vision of love and brotherhood. A grand musical ode to joy with 150 performers on stage. And for this, he truly pulled out all the stops.

  • Voces8

    20 years of sublime harmony
    ASML Headliner
    Thu 19 Sep ’24

    "The most refined ensemble of them all. A cappella fans: this you must hear!" is what Record Review of BBC Radio 3 said about VOCES8.  Nothing but three women and five men in the spotlight on stage: you will breathlessly listen in the Hertog Jan Hall. The British singers of Voces8 sing purely and without accompaniment. They are often described as the Rolls-Royce of a cappella ensembles. "Ultimate control, crystal-clear sound, and tight harmonies," as described by the Volkskrant.

  • Krystian Zimerman

    Famous Pianists
    Fri 27 Sep ’24

    'Queues of fans at his soloist's room, one of the best pianists on earth'. The Parool reviewer was short of superlatives after Krystian Zimmerman's concert at the Concertgebouw in 2023. '... one big declaration of love to music, his instrument, everything,' she wrote, completely captivated by 'internalised expression, followed by a conclusion you could hardly recover from'.  This is your chance to see Krystian Zimmerman, one of the best pianists on earth, shine in our Hertog Jan Hall. And since he is inseparable from his grand piano and travels the world with it, he will play this performance on his own grand piano.

  • Katona Twins & Noé Inui

    Spanish music for violin and guitar duo
    Small Hall on Sunday
    Sun 29 Sep ’24

    Dreaming of Spain. Dreaming of Spanish music. Not being here for a while... 'Bâtir un chateau en Espagne' is French for 'building castles in the air'. The Katona Twins help you with that. The illustrious Hungarian guitar duo has been coming to Eindhoven for years. A celebration that always stays with you. Now they bring along a violinist: the Belgian Noé Inui. The interaction of two guitars and violin in Sarasate's wildly virtuosic fantasy on themes from Bizet's opera Carmen promises to be a true spectacle.

  • Philzuid

    Simone Lamsma as well as Bruckner 1
    Sun 29 Sep ’24

    Alpesh Chauhan was somewhat anxious on the evening his parents came to listen as he conducted Bruckner. They had only recently discovered classical music. Would they appreciate the majestic structures of his favorite composer? But afterwards, his father enthusiastically entered his dressing room and compared the symphony to a ride on the Orient Express.

  • Joyeeta Gupta & Lonneke van Straalen

    Climate Justice in Four Seasons
    Thu 3 Oct ’24

    What the passionate climate scientist Joyeeta Gupta and violinist Lonneke van Straalen have in common? They both look at things with a fresh perspective, shake things up significantly, and create new forms. Originating from India, Joyeeta Gupta is a professor at the University of Amsterdam and at the IHE-Delft Institute for Water Education, and the winner of the prestigious Spinoza Prize (the 'Dutch Nobel'). Justice is her great motivator. After experiencing the Union Carbide gas tragedy in Bhopal, India, as a young woman and witnessing the impact of large multinationals on developing countries, she dedicated herself to environmental and development issues.

  • Nelson Goerner, Ning Feng & Edgar Moreau

    Piano trios by Beethoven, Shostakovich, and Rachmaninoff
    Masters of Chamber Music
    Sun 6 Oct ’24

    Three exceptional artists. The Argentine pianist Nelson Goerner, the Chinese violinist Ning Feng, and the French cellist Edgar Moreau. The Guardian wrote about Goerner: "The sound was delightful as always [...], surprisingly beautiful." While The Strad described Moreau's "impressive expressive range," with an "exquisite sense of nuance." Ning Feng is certainly not unfamiliar in Eindhoven; this winner of the Paganini Competition even made several CD recordings here. Rachmaninov's grandiose Piano Trio élégiaque was a homage to Tchaikovsky.

  • Philzuid

    Winter dreams by Tchaikovsky
    Fri 11 Oct ’24

    "Too Western, too smooth, too sentimental," Tchaikovsky's nationalist colleagues judged his First Symphony in 1866. Nowadays, perhaps precisely because of that, Tchaikovsky is the most beloved Russian composer. His First Symphony 'Winter Dreams' is typical Tchaikovsky: wistful, passionate, and full of captivating melodies. In turn, Tchaikovsky was full of praise for his elder colleague Borodin. "I particularly recommend In the Steppes of Central Asia; it is very beautiful," he wrote in 1886.

  • Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin

    Vilde Frang plays Elgar's Violin Concerto
    World-renowned Orchestra's
    Fri 18 Oct ’24

    "Unexpected things make a concert special; preferably, I prepare myself so that the unpredictable can happen," Vilde Frang said. She sees the ability to be 'inspired' as her greatest talent. Tonight, the Norwegian star violinist is inspired by Edward Elgar's rarely performed yet beautiful Violin Concerto. A passionate masterpiece full of mystery and captivating melodies. "With her extraordinarily beautiful tone, glowing from the lowest strings to the highest top notes, she seemed to honor the source of Elgar's inspiration," enthused The Guardian about her performance.

    There will be a free introduction at 7:30 PM, co-sponsored by the Friends of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.

  • Philzuid

    Rachmaninoff's Paganini Rhapsody
    Sat 19 Oct ’24

    "A whirlwind of dancers becoming ever more passionate and exhausting, brought to life and carried away by the waltz." With these words, Maurice Ravel tried to explain to a Dutch journalist what La Valse meant to him. Wasn't it about the end of an era, wasn't it an exhilarating dream about death and decadence? Yes, you can hear all of that in it, but Ravel primarily brought a brilliant French ode to the Viennese waltz.

  • Roman Fediurko

    Piano virtuoso shines in Beethoven, Rachmaninoff & Ravel
    International Prizes & Awards
    Sun 20 Oct ’24

    Despite the war in Ukraine, the Horowitz Competition Kyiv was able to proceed thanks to host city Geneva. Wonderfully, the 1st Prize, the Prizewinners title and the Gold Medal were won by young Ukrainian Roman Fediurko: a pianist with a staggering string of competition wins to his name, including first prize of the Murai Grand Prix International Piano Competition 2022, first prize of the Isidor Bajić Piano Memorial Competition 2021 and second prize of the International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz Junior Group 2016.

  • Dorothee Mields & Stefan Temmingh

    C.Ph.E. Bach & J.S. Bach
    Utrecht Early Music Festival presents
    Wed 23 Oct ’24

    Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was in part named after his godfather George Philipp Telemann, with whom he maintained a lively correspondence and a close relationship. His father Johann Sebastian is also on this evening's programme of cantata fragments and sonatas, brought by soprano Dorothee Mields and recorder player Stefan Temmingh.

  • Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir

    Ton Koopman conducts Händel's Esther
    ASML Headliner
    Sat 26 Oct ’24

    In October 2024, Ton Koopman turns 80! To add musical lustre to this great milestone, the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir presents the oratorio Esther: Händel's very first English oratorio with which he single-handedly created a new genre. It's a treasure trove of energetic and passionate music, making it a wonderful choice for Ton Koopman to celebrate his jubilee. He brings along a dream cast including vocal prodigy Julia Lezhneva, making her debut in Eindhoven!

  • Daria van den Bercken & Ludwig Ensemble

    Bach, Mozart, and Prokofiev in special arrangements
    Small Hall on Sunday
    Sun 27 Oct ’24

    A concert in lighter, classical atmospheres. Bach, Haydn, Mozart, but also Prokofiev, who seamlessly fits in with them with his First Symphony, 'the Classical'. The Dutch-Russian Daria van den Bercken has been on the rise the last few years. Her CDs featuring Händel, Scarlatti, and Mozart garnered high praise. 'Musical affection and flawless virtuosity,' Gramophone wrote. Her Scarlatti recording was nominated for an Edison Award. Today, a recital with piano and a small ensemble that brings orchestral colors back to an intimate chamber music format.

  • Philzuid

    Pergolesi's Stabat Mater
    Thu 31 Oct ’24

    As soon as the orchestra begins those plaintive, rising melodies and the vocalists join in with their poignant dissonances, your heart skips a beat and you recognize Pergolesi's Stabat Mater. The ancient Franciscan text tells of the sorrow of Mary, the mother at the foot of the cross. This gives an extra layer to this concert during the All Souls' Day. 

  • Pynarello & Roza Herwig

    Guilty Pleasures
    Classical with a twist
    Tue 5 Nov ’24

    Oh, if they would play that one song, or yes, that moving film score... Have you ever thought that too? Tonight, anything is possible. And you don't have to stop at sensible fare, because Pynarello gives in to this irresistible musical indulgence. In the process, anything that makes life more exciting and joyful may be embraced. Pynarello and Roza Herwig shamelessly share their guilty pleasures with the audience and you have a say in what they will play! 

  • Hans Goedkoop & Olivier Patey

    War and peace
    Wed 6 Nov ’24

    "I hadn't anticipated shaking so much on my legs," historian and television producer Hans Goedkoop shared in an interview with Volkskrant. After nearly eighty years of peace, we in Europe feel the war creeping closer. But do we actually still know what war means? History tells stories about it. Hans Goedkoop, known as the presenter of the TV series Andere Tijden, has his own story to tell.

  • Wishful Singing & Ola Gjeilo

    Minimal, Neoclassical & More
    Thu 7 Nov ’24

    Ola Gjeilo doesn't just excel with his piano music; he's also one of the most performed composers in the choral world. Originally from Norway, he has lived in America for years, and it's perhaps his adopted homeland that has the greatest influence on his characteristic sound world. Often described as cinematic and evocative, with a lush, harmonious sound, Wishful Singing brings that to life: five Dutch, classically trained women with impeccably pure voices.

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