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Krystian Zimerman

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Fri 27 Sep ’24 20:15 uur
Fri 27 Sep ’24
20:15 uur
  • Fri 27 Sep ’24
    20:15 uur
    Hertog Jan Hall
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'Queues of fans at his soloist's room, one of the best pianists on earth'. The Parool reviewer was short of superlatives after Krystian Zimerman's concert at the Concertgebouw in 2023. '... one big declaration of love to music, his instrument, everything,' she wrote, completely captivated by 'internalised expression, followed by a conclusion you could hardly recover from'.  This is your chance to see Krystian Zimerman, one of the best pianists on earth, shine in our Hertog Jan Hall. And since he is inseparable from his grand piano and travels the world with it, he will play this performance on his own grand piano.

The Polish keyboard legend, Krystian Zimerman, was born in Katowice, where as a schoolboy he earned some pocket money by repairing pianos. Wrapping strings, fixing mechanisms, 'the piano is therefore not just an instrument for me, I know its quirks, know how to change something, and I'm not afraid to do it,' Zimmerman said in an interview. In 1975, he won brilliantly, as the youngest ever, the renowned Chopin Competition. Since then, his reputation has been set in stone. For years, he has traveled the world with his own Steinway piano. An instrument that he adjusts every time to the music he plays. 'My piano is incredibly flexible, it dreams with me during a concert; I don't need to know what to do, the instrument responds directly to my soul.'


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