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Camerata RCO

Members of Concertgebouw Orchestra play Brahms & Dohnanyi
Small Hall on Sunday
Sun 1 Oct ’23 12:00 uur

Brahms - Horn Trio
Dohnányi - Sextet

Sun 1 Oct ’23
12:00 uur

En petit comité. Playing in an orchestra is wonderful but sometimes you'd like some change. In Camerata RCO, five orchestra members briefly leave 'their' Concertgebouw Orchestra and play chamber music in our Kleine Zaal on Sunday series. Violin, viola, cello, clarinet, horn and piano. this time. The progamme offers music from the late Romantic period. Brahms wrote his Horn Trio for a unique ensemble, the horn being one of his favourites. It is said that Brahms wrote the tragic slow movement in memory of his mother whom he had lost shortly before. But inspiration for the trio also provided long, lonely walks through the Black Forest in southern Germany.

Ernö Dohnányi. Hungarian composer but with many non-Hungarian influences. Perhaps not as well known as his contemporary Bartók, he stayed a little more true to tradition and was less guided by influences from folk music. His work is a kind of fantastic melting pot and this is certainly true of the 1935 Sextet. Sometimes you imagine yourself to be close to Brahms, other times briefly to Mendelssohn. Only to find yourself in Johann Strauss' Vienna in the brilliant and playful finale. In the process, he manages to come up with unforgettable melodies. A particularly compelling, lively work that is a real surprise.