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Marietta Petkova

Master pianist plays Beethoven, Debussy & Rachmaninov
Small Hall on Sunday
Sun 24 Mar ’24 12:00 uur

Debussy - Preludes (selection) | L'Isle Joyeuse
Beethoven - Sonata in F minor, opus 2 no. 1 
Rachmaninov - selection from Études tableaux

Sun 24 Mar ’24
12:00 uur

'It is still possible, to be completely bowled over by a CD.' Wrote music magazine Luister about Marietta Petkova's recording of Rachmaninov's preludes. 'Under the hands of the Bulgarian-Dutch pianist, each of them grows into testimonies of an eventful life, offering deep glimpses into the creator's soul.' The disc was honoured with a 10 out of 10. It suited the pianist, who had already baffled her audience in the year 2000 with a memorable Rachmaninov recital at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam: 'Grandiose Petkova,' wrote the Telegraaf, and NRC Handelsblad: 'Pianist Petkova: ideal Rachmaninov.'

Not only the great Russian on the music stand today, but also some 'lighter' stuff. Did you know that Debussy was a humourist? His magnificent preludes were written in two sets of 12 each (we will hear a selection today): concise, yet very passionate and expressive. Debussy incorporated the musical idioms from other countries, including Spain (a favorite of French composers), Scotland, Italy and the East. Quite light as well is the young Beethoven. The youngest Beethoven, you might say: opus 2 no. 1 was his first piano sonata, written at 24. Tutor Haydn is clearly audible, but a few 'rougher' moments already reveal that a new genius is emerging here.

After the concert

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