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Quatuor Mosaïques

The great classics by an outstanding quartet
Masters of Chamber Music
Tue 16 Apr ’24 20:15 uur


Haydn - String quartet opus 50 no. 5
Beethoven - String quartet no. 5 in A major
Mozart - String quartet no. 21 in D major

Tue 16 Apr ’24
20:15 uur

Not many do it. And that is why the Quatuor Mosaïques is unique: it plays on authentic instruments, on gut strings and according to historical performance practice. A wonderful glimpse into the past. The name of this Austrian ensemble refers to mosaics and is meant as a reference to the way details have an impact on the big picture. Also unlike many quartets, the Quatuor Mosaïques has a specialisation, namely playing string quartets of the Viennese Classics.

The three quartets Quatuor Mosaïques plays in Eindhoven reflect that era particularly well. Beethoven stayed just between the lines with his opus 18, writing it between 1798 and 1800. About 'their' Beethoven, Classics Today reported: 'The Mosaïques' large-scale, warm-blooded approach to Beethoven's early quartets is reminiscent of that of the Quartetto Italiano.' Beethoven's teacher was Joseph Haydn, the founder of the string quartet. To keep his 83 (!) string quartets apart, many were given a nickname. Opus 50 no. 5 is called 'Dream', after the slow movement's lovely theme. Mozart also copied the art from Haydn. With K 575, he wrote one of his last and most mature.