Phil Carnavalesk
Wed 7 Feb ’24 20:11 uur

Hans Leenders, conductor
Ellen ten Damme
With the cooperation of Percossa

Wed 7 Feb ’24
20:11 uur

A smile on your face and a tear on your cheek. Enjoyment of music, show, and spectacle. That's what you can expect at Phil Carnavalesk. A high-quality carnival concert, especially with names like Ellen ten Damme and Percossa 'on the bill' and a symphony orchestra in top form! And with presenter Leon van der Zanden guiding the entire audience through the program in a delightful manner.

Ellen ten Damme and Percossa take on a leading role in this program with beautiful songs full of humor and brilliant, visual spectacle. Classic all-time favorites and symphonic highlights ensure a celebration of recognition. And feel free to come dressed up; then the evening can't go wrong at all!