Lenny Kuhr

Winner Eurovison Song Contest 1969
Fri 17 May ’24 20:15 uur

Freek Dicke - guitars and vocals
Frans de Berg - keyboards and vocals

Fri 17 May ’24
20:15 uur

Lenny sings from her extensive and vibrant body of work. The icing on the cake is the album that was released at the end of January 2022 on the Excelsior label, titled "Lenny Kuhr." An album on which she stepped out of her comfort zone with surprising results. It features new work of her own as well as pieces that colleagues wrote specifically for her. Among them are Stef Bos, Spinvis, Elke Vierveijzer, and Lenny's daughter, Daphna. At this concert, she performs recent and older works, and even repertoire never performed before.

Lenny describes the theater program she has distilled from her previous work and her new album:

"I once said, 'a song is a compact energy of an elusive concept,' and I am continually amazed that the song manages to find me again and again. Perhaps because I am such a grateful recipient. It is the most beautiful and vibrant art form I know. The song expresses feelings of the expressible and the inexpressible in infinitely many ways. It speaks of you and me. About our existence and what unfolds within it.

It's a joy to be able to perform again after a time of holding back, lockdowns, and constantly changing measures. My companions Mischa Kool on bass and Reinier Voet on guitar, and I have missed you.

During our performance, we communicate with you through the songs. We know and recognize each other; you and I. And we are together again. And we celebrate that in the place where we are together."

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