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Cristina Branco

Portuguese fado singer
Wed 1 May ’24 20:15 uur
Wed 1 May ’24
20:15 uur

Comparisons with Amália Rodrigues appear recurring and inevitable. Branco is known for seamlessly pairing tradition with fado innovation. In doing so, she seeks freedom in music, but with the emotional depth of the genre. Through her modern approach to traditional fado, enriching it with jazz, world music and pop, she has developed a completely unique style. The performer has been a much-loved personality on Dutch stages for years and has collaborated with BLØF, among others, in the past. This year, Cristina once again dives into the studio to surprise and entertain her audience with new music and a new show.

Cristina Branco is one of the most important Portuguese artists of recent decades, with a total of 17 albums released and countless concerts around the world. Her most recent work, Eva (2020), won over both audiences and critics, confirming Cristina as one of the most versatile artists on the Portuguese music scene.

She began her career in Holland, with the album Cristina Branco in Holland (1997), which became a huge success. In the following years, Cristina's name exploded across Europe, with sold-out dates in numerous venues and cities. Her subsequent works, Murmúrios (1998) and Post-Scriptum (2000), reinforced the success of her first album, and Cristina received two Prix Choc, the prestigious prizes awarded by the French magazine Le Monde de La Musique.

Despite her achievements abroad, it was not until the beginning of the millennium, with Corpo Iluminado (2001), O Descobridor (2002), a double platinum album, Sensus (2003) and Ulisses (2005), that Cristina Branco finally began to be discovered and praised by the Portuguese public and press.

Concert moved from Small to Hertog Jan Hall

This concert has been moved from the Small Hall to the Hertog Jan Hall. The concert date, Wednesday, May 1, remains the same. Ticket purchasers have been informed about this via email.