Echoes of the Earth, Sea and Mountains
Tue 5 Mar ’24 20:15 uur
Tue 5 Mar ’24
20:15 uur

M'ANAM, the intriguing eight-member male vocal ensemble, brings a unique blend of traditional and modern singing. With a vast range of musical experiences from countries like Ireland and Iceland, they sing in languages such as Irish, Latin, and Icelandic, effortlessly connecting with the audience. Let yourself be carried away on a journey through the mysteries and history of ancient cultures and peoples, with old songs dating back to the ninth century and contemporary original repertoire.

The ancient cultures of island societies are synonymous with "inspired music," and you can experience that inspiration in its ultimate form during a performance by M'ANAM (My Spirit). The eight-member male vocal ensemble came into existence in 2017 and is one of the most intriguing new vocal groups of our time. The singers come from Ireland and Iceland, among other places, and bring a vast range of musical experiences. However, they are united with one voice and one vision. It's a delight for lovers of foreign languages because the group sings in Irish, Latin, Icelandic, and more. Those familiar with the repertoire and style of Anúna will experience some recognition, as this world-renowned choir is the common origin of the talented vocalists and their artistic director, Michael McGlynn.

Ancient stories, legends, and sagas are best told through music. And that's exactly what the vocalists do with rare and beautiful polyphony, featuring old songs that sometimes date back to the Viking invasions of the ninth century, as well as new contemporary original repertoire. This unique blend of traditional and modern singing makes a performance by M'ANAM an unforgettable concert experience that touches the listeners' souls.

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