Maaike Ouboter & Eric Corton

Het Leven... en andere Blessures
Sun 25 May ’25 20:15 uur
Sun 25 May ’25
20:15 uur

After the success of their first tour 'Harnas van Glas' (Armor of Glass), Maaike and Eric are taking the next step together. In their brand-new concert 'Life... and Other Injuries,' they challenge each other musically even more. They perform and sing new songs they have written together, delving deeper into the themes that occupy them daily. Similar to their previous concert, they engage in candid conversations about these topics, searching for what connects us as humans. And above all, what keeps us together. A concert about the constant passage of time, the elusive nature of emotions, and the deep love for life.

Maaike and Eric met each other already 10 years ago during the recordings of "De Beste Singer Songwriter van Nederland" (The Best Singer Songwriter of the Netherlands). Maaike delivered a stellar performance, and Eric, as a jury member, was immediately impressed by her. Right after the program, Maaike stormed the Dutch charts with her debut single 'Dat Ik Je Mis' (That I Miss You). Musically vulnerable, personal, and intimate; that perfectly describes Maaike Ouboter. Eric Corton is a presenter, actor, and musician, known for his distinctive voice and charismatic presence. His passion for music and ability to convey emotions make him a beloved and inspiring artist.


Due to Maaike Ouboter's pregnancy, this concert has been rescheduled from April 18, 2024, to May 25, 2025. Ticket holders have been notified via email.