Oksana Dolya

Mon 9 Oct ’23 21:00 uur
Mon 9 Oct ’23
21:00 uur

Music has been her creative outlet since Oksana's early childhood and it still is. Music has accompanied her all her life. With her bandura and her crystal voice, she performed in theatres around the world. These days, this Ukrainian artist performs in care centres in Eindhoven. On 9 October, she will give a wonderful Spotlight concert in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.


A concert starring Oksana Kikavska-Davydova and Nadiia Suprynovych, Yana Kikavska and Hans van der Zande as fellow performers. Music has been Oksana's creative credo since childhood and has been her companion all her life. She established herself as a composer, introduced the Ukrainian national instrument "Bandura" and sings fondly of her beautiful Ukraine. 

Inspired by Dutch listeners, who embrace her Bandura, Oksana wrote a song dedicated to the Dutch people. 

Nadiia Suprynovych: 

"I am a professional musician and came to the Netherlands as soon as Russian troops started the war against Ukraine. I am truly blessed to be welcomed in this country and meet so many compassionate people and friends! I have always had a passion for singing and I am more than happy to perform here."

Nadiia Suprynovych


In collaboration with ASML, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven opens its stages to amateur musicians to shine in front of an audience. Everything is arranged for the musicians: sound, lighting, tickets, dressing room, and a drink, so that they can feel like real artists. The only thing the artists need to do is perform. You can find more information about Spotlight here.