Lie down concert: AMIMEA

Experience exquisite piano music while lying down
Sound & Silence
Sun 4 Feb ’24 19:15 uur
Sun 4 Feb ’24
19:15 uur
  • Sun 4 Feb ’24
    19:15 uur
    Paterskerk (DOMUSDELA)
  • Including tea experience and meditation

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life? Leave the city's chaos behind and truly unwind? Or just enjoy an evening for yourself? Then, attend this Sound & Silence lying-down concert. This lying-down concert stimulates your senses - listening while reclining adds a different dimension to the concert experience. This full evening experience starts with a customized tea experience, followed by meditation and yoga exercises. Bring your own yoga mat, cushion, or blanket and relax while enjoying the music of AMIMEA.

Want to know more about what this relaxing evening entails? You can read all about it here.

Discover how beautiful piano sounds bring you to a state of tranquility in this video, recorded during the Sound & Silence lie down concert by Simeon Walker.

As a restless multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Merit Visser has always been engaged with both lyrics and music, but under the name AMIMEA, she delves into the heart of her love for music: the piano. Fascinated by both the melancholic and the hopeful, her tranquil compositions provide a moment of calm in which listeners can pay attention to their own imagination.

With 'Kaleidoscopes,' AMIMEA takes the time to pause and view the everyday from new perspectives. Her soothing neoclassical piano music allows listeners to discover multiple layers, both within the music itself and in their own interpretation of it.