Slapstick Saturday

Dutch Silent Film Festival
Sat 13 Jan ’24 20:30 uur

Daan van den Hurk, piano
Bart Soeters, bass
Frank van der Star, drums

The Cameraman (1928)
One Week (1920)
Should Men Walk Home? (1927)

Sat 13 Jan ’24
20:30 uur

The Netherlands Silent Film Festival (NSFF) is the largest film festival in the Netherlands in the field of silent film! In 2024, it is time for the seventh edition of the festival. During the festival, you can visit 12 curated programmes, all featuring live musical accompaniment by national and international specialised and renowned 'silent film musicians'. Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is this year's venue for Slapstick Saturday. Enjoy the annual tribute to the great comedy artists of the silent film era.

Slapstick Saturday will not only be laugh, howl, roar but the evening also shows that comedy is a true art. This year's lead film is one of Buster Keaton's most iconic films: The Cameraman (1928). This was also the last film over which Keaton was still (largely) in control, which also gives the film a tragic place in film history. You'll also enjoy a film entirely directed by Keaton: One Week (1920). Mabel Normand in Should Men Walk Home? (1927) and even a short film from the Nasty Women collection are also part of the programme.

This programme is part of the Dutch Silent Film Festival 2024. The rest of the programme will take place in Pand P. For the entire programme visit