Music with Friends

Hosted by Mercan Kocuroğlu
Group Ethnic Colors | Mercan & Bülent
Fri 7 Jun ’24 20:30 uur
Fri 7 Jun ’24
20:30 uur
  • Fri 7 Jun ’24
    20:30 uur
    M by Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

The Music with Friends concert scheduled for June 7 has unfortunately been cancelled due to an injury. There will be no rescheduled date. Ticket holders have been informed via email.

What could be better than experiencing music with your friends? Nothing! At least, that's what Mercan Kocuroğlu (Music from the Orient) would say. During Music with Friends, she invites artists from the region for an international and above all musical evening where friendship, connection, and meeting are central. The evening ends with an open stage where everyone can showcase their musical talent.

Group Ethnic Colors
Group Ethnic Colors is a musical group that brings together colorful and diverse melodies of different cultures. They set out to discover the soul and rhythm of each language. They have a diverse song repertoire extending from Anatolia to the Balkans, from Latin America to Europe. Believing that bridges can be built between the world through music, the group aims to introduce the musical heritage of different cultures.

Mercan & Bülent Kocuroğlu 
Mercan will also take the stage for this edition, but she won't be performing alone. Together with her husband Bülent (with whom she co-founded Music from the Orient), they will perform Kurdish, Zazaki, and Alevi songs. The couple has been making music together and with others for years, and this evening will be no exception. The talented violinist Nebiye Taspinar will enrich the couple's performance during this concert.

The evening will end with an open stage where everyone can showcase their talent to the visitors of Music with Friends. To avoid disappointing people, we ask you to sign up in advance before the evening. To do this, please send an email to If during the evening it turns out that there is room for spontaneous performances and jam sessions, we of course encourage that!