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Pynarello & Pizza

Tsjaikovski's Souvenir de Florence
Classics with a twist
Tue 3 Oct ’23 20:15 uur


Tchaikovksi - Souvenir de Florence in arrangement by Hugo Bouma for chamber orchestra for Pynarello 
Trevor Grahl - Lightweight, double cello concerto
Soloists - Sebastiaan van Halsema & Lidy Blijdorp

Tue 3 Oct ’23
20:15 uur

Souvenirs, or memories, are tunred into sound by Pynarello. In August 2022, composer/arranger Hugo Bouma was commissioned by Pynarello to create a special arrangement of the first two movements of Souvenir de Florence by composer Tchaikovsky for chamber orchestra (strings & winds). For this project, the last two movements will also be arranged for chamber orchestra. 

Going Italian: pizza!

So we are going to hear an Italian programme. To get into the Italian mood, you can come and enjoy a delicious pizza in our completely refurbished city café M by Muziekgebouw Eindhoven before the concert. We're offering four flavours to choose from which you can easily order together with your tickets using the red button at the top of this page. See you soon in M!

Tchaikovsky's reminiscences are complemented by personal musical memories of several Pynarelli. These include Trevor Grahl's double concerto Lightweight for two cellos that premiered at the 2022 Cello Biennale, a "souvenir" from Pynarello cellist Sebastiaan van Halsema. The reviewer of the Volkskrant is excited: ".... The new Grahl deserves many more performances.... the concert is full of effects... timbre-related and theatrical.... the music is often festive and full of joyful wonder....  the ensemble plays with audible pleasure."

Pynarello is a bunch of rebels made of flexible material. Pynarello is like a storm upsetting the conventionalities of classical music. They think it can all be done differently, more adventurous, spontaneous, more direct, without a conductor and without sheet music. Pynarello is an out of the box collective, the next generation consisting of today's greatest talents.


Don't forget to order a delicious pizza together with your tickets, using the red button at the top of this page!

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Festive and full of joyful wonderment

De Volkskrant