Matteo Myderwyk

A Brief Nostalgia
Sound & Silence
Sat 25 Nov ’23 20:15 uur
Sat 25 Nov ’23
20:15 uur

Pianist, keyboardist (synthesizers), and composer Matteo Myderwyk is returning to Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. This time with a brand new album, 'A Brief Nostalgia,' consisting of twelve tracks composed for various pianos, harmonium, organ, church organ, synthesizers, and drum machines. A performance by Matteo is always special because, according to him, music is not on paper but is created in the moment. Tonight, with a nostalgic touch, as the name of his new album promises.

Years of training as a classical pianist at the conservatory primarily taught him to leave behind the music of his heroes Bach, Liszt, and Messiaen and find his own musical language. First and foremost, he decided to shed all the classical rules, leading him into the enchanting world of free jazz. Making music without pre-made agreements, with the aim of creating music in the moment.

His music constantly evolves, and his live shows are highly diverse. He often breaks with traditional norms by continuously improvising with instrument choices, appearing with an arsenal of synthesizers, beat machines, and organs on various stages. From festivals to clubs, churches, or concert halls like Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.