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PhilSurround - together we celebrate 10 years of Philzuid
Sat 14 Oct ’23

Sander Teepen, conductor

Works by Strauss, Sibelius, Mozart, Rachmaninov, Brahms and many more surprises!

Sat 14 Oct ’23

What would it be like to be among the musicians at a concert? What is it like to experience the overwhelming sound of a symphony orchestra from the inside? With Club Surround, we offer you the unique opportunity to experience just that. You will be short of ten pairs of ears. Feel the basses vibrate deep inside your body, be embraced by velvet strings, breathe along with woodwinds and brass and join in! The orchestra sits in a large circle, you find a spot in between. With the most beautiful orchestral music from all over the world and an actor telling stories about our passion, our music and our symphony orchestra. This is how we celebrate ten years of Philzuid together.