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The Promise
Tue 19 Dec ’23
Tue 19 Dec ’23

Some things in life can only be sung. With this premise, Wende's first international performance The Promise was born: a churning, painfully honest, intimate and at the same time combative show. Wende found inspiration in the age-old tradition and the great diversity that characterises the English writing landscape. In 2020, she left for London and joined forces with five female writing talents at the renowned The Royal Court Theatre. The result became a moving, modern song cycle about identity, origins and being a woman.

Wende: "This performance is a promise to myself. To be allowed to be who I am and discover which roles I fulfil, even if it means going against the grain. What do femininity and motherhood look like? Through the eyes of 5 delusional female writers, I have searched for this and The Promise is a declaration of love to all shades of grey of being a woman in our time."

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