Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells

50th Anniversary Celebration
Sat 17 Feb ’24 20:15 uur
Sat 17 Feb ’24
20:15 uur
  • Sat 17 Feb ’24
    20:15 uur
    Hertog Jan Hall

After a highly successful, sold-out tour in the UK, Tubular Bells, the 50th Anniversary Celebration Tour is finally coming to Europe! On Saturday 17 February, the tour comes to Muziekgebouw Eindhoven for an exclusive Dutch show. This legendary composition, originally released in 1973, will be brought to life on our stage by an extensive live group, led by Robert A Smith, who worked with Mike Oldfield for decades. Tubular Bells will be performed in its entirety, along with other masterpieces by Oldfield.

Robin Smith, who collaborated with Oldfield on Tubular Bells 2 & 3 and has had a deep appreciation for the piece since 1973, says: "It is a real honour to perform this extraordinary work. It's as fresh today as it was when Mike created it in 1971." The sounds of Tubular Bells take you on a journey through various musical genres, from progressive rock and electronica to jazz and classical, and have touched many a heart over the years.

Adding to this special evening, other works by Mike Oldfield will be performed, including hits such as 'Moonlight Shadow', 'Summit Day', 'Family Man' and 'Ommadawn'. Tubular Bells, Mike Oldfield's iconic debut album, revolutionised the music industry. Oldfield was only 17 when he started composing the music and recorded almost all the instruments on the album himself. After the music was used in the soundtrack of the horror film The Exorcist, it became the best-selling instrumental album of all time!