Lunchtime concert

Kāna Trio (Dutch Classical Talent)
Thu 17 Apr ’25 12:30 uur

Hugo Pereira - percussion 
João Sequeira - percussion 
Rens Rutten - percussion

Thu 17 Apr ’25
12:30 uur

The Kāna Trio addresses a pressing question in an impressive manner: how should we relate to nature? In their performance, the trio delves into the chaos of human noise and pollution to find a clear answer. They play together flawlessly, powerful yet never too loud, as described by the jury of Dutch Classical Talent. The intrusion of noise, machines, and dirt everywhere we go, all to make our short-term lives more comfortable, at the expense of future generations. The trio invites you to deep reflection and confronts you with some of the most important dilemmas of our time.

Lunchtime concerts

Lunchtime concerts are a delicious break in the middle of your day, and you can take this literally! An hour of lovely music in our Small Hall. From piano recitals to chamber music and wind instruments, we offer a varied and refreshing programme. Because we think it's important to offer a stage to budding talent, you'll find recently graduated musicians and competition winners performing for you.

After the concert

Of course, a lunchtime concert is not complete without a tasty lunch. Therefore, you will can enjoy a tasty homemade soup and delicious fresh bread in the City Foyer after the concert. You can order this directly with your ticket!